About Us

Our Vision

We believe in developing a vibrant sustainable ecosystem that bring impact to the community.

Our Mission

We commit ourselves to identify corporations that fulfilled ESG conformity and create an inspiration value chain to the industry. 

Our Story

Sustainable employer index (SEI) is an independent Research Centre that identify the responsibility of company in social and environmental areas. The centre is lead by a group of local & international independent researchers who has deep experience in their respective field which is committed to the development of sustainable solutions and the generation of social impact value.

The index is based on a survey of thousands of journalists, academicians, Scholars, researchers and NGO from a pool of think tankers.

The Sustainable employer index (SEI) s an innovative, annual benchmarking study, encompassing 12 countries. SEI is the rating and transparency platform that allows verifying the progress and effort made by public and private entities to meet the Sustainable Development Goals. From SEI Index you can quickly and dynamically access all the information on the 2030 Agenda of any entity, or publicise the achievements of organisation.

Our Methodology

The Sustainable employer index (SEI) methodology is designed to standardises, publicly records and geolocates all information on the alignment, location and implementation phases and monitoring of the 2030 Agenda of any entity, making available to society the collective intelligence and available resources to accelerate the SDGs.

This methodology is defined by the following characteristics:

1. Open Data
Based on open, accessible, verifiable and highly traceable data from annual report and sustainability report.


2. Correlational
Assessing impacts according to context and focused goals


3. Intersectorial
Incorporating public and private entities alike


Download Award Image

For shortlisted winners, you may display the iconic logo in your annual report, sustainability report & other areas of publicity. Please download the PNG file , by choosing your country. Thank You.